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PROMISE Futurepreneurs Club

Cultivating Young Minds, Nurturing Entrepreneurship

Welcome to PROMISE Futurepreneurs Club, where we are dedicated to cultivating the potential of young minds and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit within each participant. Our 8-month program is designed to guide youth entrepreneurs on a transformative journey, providing a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Our Comprehensive Curriculum

Entrepreneurial Foundations

  • Understanding Entrepreneurship

  • Importance of Business Planning

  • Building a Business Plan

  • Practical Exercises and Case Studies

Marketing Mastery

  • Introduction to Marketing Concepts

  • Strategies for Effective Business Marketing

  • Hands-on Learning: Marketing Their Own Business Ideas

  • Guest Speakers from the Marketing Industry

Leadership Development

  • Importance of Leadership Skills

  • Active Listening Techniques

  • Public Speaking Workshops

  • Networking Skills and Building Connections

Creative and Innovative Development

  • Unleashing Creativity in Entrepreneurship

  • Innovative Thinking Workshops

  • Collaborative Projects and Problem-Solving Activities

  • Showcasing Creative Ventures

Program Integration and Projects

  • Combining Entrepreneurial, Leadership, and Empowerment Concepts

  • Group Projects and Presentations

  • Evaluation and Feedback Sessions

  • Recognition and Celebration of Achievements

Youth Empowerment

  • Fostering a Culture of Empowerment

  • Inspiring Confidence and Self-Belief

  • Mentoring and Peer Support

  • Personal Growth Exercises

Enroll Today!

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of a community that nurtures the next generation of entrepreneurs. Enroll in PROMISE Futurepreneurs Club today and take the first step towards a future filled with resilience, innovation, and purpose. Join us on this exciting journey of transformation and leadership development!

Join the Transformative Journey:

Embark on this transformative journey where young minds evolve into changemakers and visionary leaders, ready to make a lasting impact on the world. Your potential is limitless, and we are here to support your growth and success.

Program Details:

Program Dates: April- December

Duration: 8 Months

Cost: $360 (includes LLC application assistance, networking events, and an end-of-program ceremony/graduation)

Priority Deadline is March 22, 2024 

Please note if our cohort isn't full we will still be accepting applications til the cohort is full

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