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PROMISE Empowerment Policy Council

We are proud to introduce the PROMISE Empowerment Policy Council—an innovative program designed to empower at-risk BIPOC youth through active engagement in public policy, research, policy writing, and collaborative problem-solving.

Program Focus

Why Join the PROMISE Empowerment
Policy Council?

Empowering Leadership: Participants will emerge as informed leaders, equipped with the knowledge and skills to advocate for positive change in their communities.

Real-world Application: The program goes beyond theoretical learning, providing hands-on experiences that allow participants to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

Mentorship and Guidance: Our experienced mentors will guide and support youth throughout their journey, ensuring a nurturing environment for growth and development.

Community Impact: The Empowerment Policy Council aims to inspire youth to become active contributors to the well-being of their communities, driving positive change through policy influence.

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Program Highlights

Priority Deadline is August 23, 2024 

Please note if our cohort isn't full we will still be accepting applications til the cohort is full

Program Schedule

September-October: Policy Exploration and Research

November: Policy Writing and Development

December: Agency Visits, Workshops, and Culminating Events

Program Features

  • All-Inclusive: Program cost covers supplies, field trips, and an end-of-program graduation ceremony.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced mentors and professionals in the field.

  • Networking: Connect with local, state, and federal officials and agencies.

  • Skill Development: Enhance research, policy-writing, and problem-solving skills.

Enroll Today!

Program Cost: $160
Secure your spot and embark on a journey of empowerment, learning, and community impact.

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