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CODEignite Youth Club

Interested Student

Ignite the spark of curiosity and passion for the future with hands-on activities, experiments, and projects. Prepare your child for a journey of exploration and innovation in the world of STEM.

What We


Hands-On Activities

Immerse your child in interactive and hands-on STEM activities that make learning exciting and memorable. From coding challenges to robotics projects, we provide a stimulating environment for young minds to thrive.


Passion for STEM Fields

Inspire a lifelong passion for STEM fields. Through CODEignite, we aim to cultivate a genuine interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, setting the stage for future success.


Curiosity Sparks

We believe in nurturing the natural curiosity of youth and channeling it into a passion for STEM exploration.


Experiments and Exploration

Encourage a love for experimentation and discovery. Our program involves engaging experiments that captivate the imagination and foster a deep appreciation for the scientific method.


Innovative Learning

Our program is designed to promote innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.


Future-Ready Skills

Prepare your child for the future with essential skills in technology, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Program Highlights

Engaging STEM Exploration:


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of STEM. Our program is designed to ignite curiosity and passion through interactive and hands-on learning experiences.

Program Duration:


Join us from June to August for an exciting summer of STEM exploration. Our program spans three months, providing ample time for in-depth learning and skill development.

Cultural Enrichment Activities:


Beyond STEM, our program includes cultural enrichment activities, offering a well-rounded experience that broadens perspectives and fosters a sense of community.

All-Inclusive Cost:


For only $100, enjoy the full CODEignite experience. The cost covers all supplies needed for experiments and projects, ensuring a hassle-free and enriching learning journey.

Graduation Ceremony:


Celebrate your achievements at our graduation ceremony, where participants showcase their projects and accomplishments. It's a moment of pride for both students and their families.

Priority Deadline is May 23, 2024 

Please note if our cohort isn't full we will still be accepting applications til the cohort is full

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